A brief history

Our woodworking plans business sprung up as a small family business in 1971.  That year we designed the predecessor to our home theater cabinet.   That early plan gained attention in the national publication Stereo Review and won second place in their design contest.  The present plan received a two page spread decades later in the same publication.  Our woodworking experience began with simple projects like the above train fashioned from 2 x 4's and trimmings from a broom handle.  Years later our Iron Horse Train has become one of the leading selling plans in the country.   For years we manufactured unfinished wood products during the tole painting surge including some of our miniature houses and basic rocking horse now in plans.

Only general shop tools are needed for most of our plans including a table or radial arm saw, band or scroll saw, drill press, router and other hand power tools.  A handful of plans require a wood lathe.  The color photos on individual plan pages may be helpful references while building the projects.   

An extensive effort is made designing and publishing each plan's graphics and text.  Often several prototypes are developed to verify accuracy.  Our latest plans are finalized in Autodesk's Autosketch.  Most patterns are full size.  Though each plan package holds copyrights, we allow duplication of the 11" x 17" sheets on a copy machine(see reduced example below) .  The patterns from these copies can then be trimmed out, a spray adhesive applied to the backs then attach them to wood stock prepared to the needed thickness and cut.  This allows for more accuracy than resizing plans or tracing to wood.  And this size plan format is easy to manage on crowded shop benches.  We continually received email, letters and video tapes from woodworkers who have completed projects from our plans.  See our testimonials page for some of their comments.  Eleven of our projects have won accolades in Rockler's annual woodworking contests as well as other woodworking contests, guild contests and fairs.  Many projects in our catalog are leading sellers including the timeless Marble Tower, the Bell Tower Marble Machine and Marble Chest .   The Barbie House is a top seller at our internet site and through many woodworking catalogs.   All three Carousel style horses, the Italian Colony Birdhouse, Duesenberg and both Kaleidoscopes  are leading sellers.  Our woodworking designs are inspired from everyday and historic objects and from the places we have visited across the world.  See our "Inspired by" page for a few locations. 

Woodworking plans and patterns