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Victorian Barbie House
60" wide x 49 1/2" high x 39 1/2" deep

This spectacular wood product is the ultimate dream for young Barbie doll fanciers and collectors. The plan walks the woodworker through every detail to produce a playscale size house for fashion dolls. The rear is open for access to spacious rooms ready for decorating as Queen Victoria might have done. Barbie and other fashion dolls are 11½” tall. Standard Barbie doll house rooms are 14” high. And that is the case for the second level rooms on this house. However the lower level rooms on the Victorian Barbie House are 17” high for a more spacious Victorian appearance. There is room for a parlor, kitchen, bath, and bedrooms. Even the attic is open for more space for storage or a child's play room. Four dozen windows envelop the house. Replica stain glass inserts can be installed. Bay windows in the front and both sides extends the interior space. The turret at the front of the house is enclosed at the bottom with access from inside the house. The turret's upstairs is open in gazebo fashion with entry from the second level balcony. Victorian doors on both levels can be customized with stained glass appearance.

A gate in the picket fence leads to a wide stairway at the porch. There are trees and shrubbery to landscape the front court. Three large drawers in the back provide ample storage for Barbie accessories. Plans for interior furnishings are not included.

Ornamental gingerbread millwork for this house is detailed with step by step instructions. Wood dowels are fitted in the overhead railings and banisters to wrap around the turret and span both levels of porches. Other trim graces the house from top to bottom including traditional rooftop railing appointments on the multiple roof peaks and landings.  Lighting can be added for a dramatic effect. Hardware requirements are minimal with six small hinges needed and a few boxes of screws or nails.

Only modest tools are necessary for this deluxe woodworking project including a table or radial arm saw, band saw or scroll saw, drill press, router and a jig saw. Other hand tools and sanding equipment are needed. No wood turning is required. Optional round wood balls can be purchased for fence post tops and other detail. Routing is only used on the two levels of easy-to-make molding. Large photos come with the plan to better visualize finished parts and location. Additional photos accompany many of the construction steps.

The plans are printed on 11” x 17” paper stock for easy copying of full scale gingerbread patterns. The original copies can be preserved for reference. Use spray adhesive on the backs of pattern copies then apply to wood for cutting. Larger house elements are scaled down with some patterns transferable to 1” grid paper and then to wood stock. Detailed gingerbread patterns are full size with ample text and graphics explaining each step. Depending on options, most of this Victorian Barbie House can be build using 4 sheets of 3/8” thick plywood and 3 sheets of ¼” thick plywood. Several board feet of solid wood are used on finer features like shingles and window trim. A unique shingle strip design speeds roof work and simplifies course alignments.

A bonus plan outlines building a display table for the house and front court. The table's height can be selected to suit young ladies. Decorative brackets grace the four corners of the display table.

The Victorian Barbie House is spacious so the completed house is designed to separate into four manageable subassemblies for movement through most standard walk-through doorways. The front court subassembly is a separate unit consisting of fencing, turret, stairs and front bay windows. It releases from the house as does two separate roof sections. The fully assembled house is about the size of a two seat sofa for comparison. Overall size depending on options is near 60” wide x 49½” high x 39½” deep including the front court.

The Victorian Barbie House plan is packed with detail and thus is an ambitious project and will be time intensive but will yield a major heirloom for Barbie collectors and architectural enthusiasts alike. It will be an heirloom of the highest order for generations. Prepare for gasps and expressions of glee when Barbie or Victorian lovers see it unveiling. It is charming and delightful.

A welcome from a Victorian Barbie

Painted version of the Victorian Barbie House

Interior lighting