Woodworking plans and patterns

For 35 years our design work has been at the same location in Northern Utah.  Brigham City sits at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in the Rockies.  Four fairly balanced seasons give us pleasant warm summers and snowy winters.  Pine covered mountains inspired the company name "Forest Street" reminiscent of a winding roadway through a pine forest.

We gain inspiration for plans from many sources anywhere from our home base to
many corners of the world.  This page visits a few of these areas.

Train history

Hidden in the Swiss Alps not far from the Matterhorn is a chapel that served as the model for our Swiss Church bird house.

Travels through European countries has had a big impact on the stying of many of our woodworking plans.  The influence of Italian architecture is evident in some works.

And yes.....the glory of the great outdoors and the Grand Tetons of Wyoming and Arches National Park in Utah.  One comes away with inspiration and a desire to improve on your work.  Our Garden Bench sports a nature panorama laminated to the front.  It brings the wilds of the West to your garden pathway.

The cartoons of Rube Goldberg were absolutely delightful in the 1940's & 50's. His hand drawn inventions portrayed a series of mechanical devices affecting one then another in the end to perform a mundane operation.  As kids, we developed our own Rube Goldberg devices by taping cardboard tubes from paper towels to our bedroom walls to steer marbles around the room to ring bells and knock over dominoes.  From those roots sprung our most successful wood product plans yet.  Our marble devices are timeless projects and please children for countless hours.  They are very popular birthday and Christmas gifts from Grandfather's workshop.

A view of our home base from out in the valley

In the South of Germany in the Black Forest are homes clad with gingerbread trim. That influence led to our Bavarian House & furniture set and the Hansel and Gretel inspired Enchanted Forest House.  Tole painters love these projects.