Woodworking plan and patterns for a kaleidoscope and stand
Woodworking plan for a kaleidoscope on a pedestal stand

Pedestal Kaleidoscope Plan
44" tall, 12" long scope
FS-114       $16.95

Our second wood kaleidoscope is fit for a Victorian parlor. Elegant, Old World styling with objects in dazzling color and clarity. Sources are included for the recommended front (first) surface mirrors.  Rare on any scope is an adjustable mirror for multiple faceted images.  A hand crank turns the object box.  Object box lighting can be added.  Sealed oil images can add a graceful snowfall effect.  Object boxes can be quickly changed. Add rainbow colored stained glass chips, iridescent chips like a crystal chandelier or add tiny seashells or rhinestones.  View while standing or sitting.  The top of the pedestal can accommodate a clock.  Inlaid scrollwork fits in the sides.

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