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Home Theater Cabinet Plan
58" long x 28" deep x16" high
FS-103      $16.95

Even with remote controls, it’s nice to be within easy reach of  tape, CD and DVD players. This coffee table design allows just that. The cabinet holds up to six standard size receivers, decks and players or add drawers in an unused compartments for DVDs, CDs, etc. Tambour (roll-top) doors slide up from the bottom and down from the top to conceal components and protect them from dust. A triple raised panel rear door swings down for easy access to audio/video cables and storage. Cables for AC and audio/video connections can be routed under the carpet in troughs cut in carpet padding or feed through the floor if there is access from a lower floor. Low profile for easy view of TV/Monitor from your sofa. A great center to gather around with snacks and friends. This cabinet was featured as "The Installation of the Month" in Stereo Review.  A color photo comes with the plans.

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