Woodworking plans and patterns

"I congratulate you on the details and completeness of the plans and I have found that if I follow them exactly, it all goes together very well.......you have a feeling of accomplishment as individual segments are completed.  It will be a Christmas gift for my grandson."
L. Drake

Marble Chest Plan

"My 13 year old son and I had attended a trade show in Grand Rapids and viewed a completed working model.....The construction process required learning a few new techniques.  The tower was built in sections and finished with clear polyurethane as soon as the section was completed....I believe it will be around in the future when grandchildren come to visit."
L.F. Howland

"I would like to thank you for the many hours of enjoyment I have had making many of your projects.  I have built all of your trains and fire trucks.  The latest is your Wildflower Rocking Horse.  I keep checking your web just to make sure I am not missing something.  I have a lot of my projects in my office and they get a lot of attention.  Again I want to thank you and keep those plans coming."
B. Cunningham

"I solved the hinge problem by adding a small block of wood below the lid.  The project works well and my grandsons were thrilled to get it."
B. Myhre

"I recently finished your Marble Chest.  It was fun to build and I must compliment you on your design, instructions and patterns.  Great Job.  The layout and dimensions were so accurate that I had few problems.  I also built my grandson the Marble Tower.  The first time he saw it, he played nearly 5 hours straight with it.  Great plans and a fine job."
R. Altier

"I have built the Iron Horse train and enclosed a picture.  I am currently building the Ahrens-Fox Fire engine.  Building the Iron Horse was great fun."
G. S.

Marble Chest plan

Marble Tower plan

Marble Chest plan

Iron Horse Train plan

We continue to receive emails, letters, pictures and videos of finished projects made from our woodworking plans.  Eleven plans built by our customers have gained top honors at Rockler's annual contests around the country. Here are comments from a few of our thousands of customers.

"Anyone looking for an interesting, challenging and fun project, this is it.  Many hours can be spent making and assembling this project.  It will have you scratching your head at times, but when people watch marbles go thru the maze, they'll say that's amazing.  It will be worth the time spent."
J. Dixon

Marble Chest plan

Wildflower Rocking Horse plan
Iron Horse Train plan
Wildflower Rocking Horse Plan
Iron Horse Train Plan
Trains and Fire Engines