• Victorian singers painted on plywood. Lantern in the rear and wreath are seperate, not included
  • Painting details included
  • Victorian Carolers sing by a lampost
  • Carolers only need one light in the front to show the vivid colors
  • Girl with lantern while out caroling
  • Part of a five piece carolers set

Dickens Carolers Woodworking Plan (in progress)


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Product Description

This is not a plan yet.  We are showing these life size carolers to get responses from those that may be interested if they were to be produced as a plan.  The characters have been carefully designed to represent life size Victorian singers.  Hand painting is required.  Patterns for the character’s heads would be full size, the bodies would need to be scaled up from smaller plans.  Drop us a note (see our contact page) with a comment.   Details for coloring, lighting and weather proofing would be included with the paper plans.  If we proceed, it will take about three months after a notice is posted here.