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1896 Ford Quadricycle woodworking plan


Product Description

1896 Ford Quadridcycle Car woodworking plan

Dimensions: car: 10″ long x 5 3/4″ deep x 5 3/4″ high.  Display base: 16 3/4″ long x 10 3/4″ deep.  Lamp post 11″ high.

You are purchasing woodworking PLANS to build this project.  YOU ARE NOT BUYING A KIT OR A FINISHED PRODUCT.

After the success of three previous Ford automobile wood projects, we introduce our fourth.  It was Henry Ford’s first car.  Although German designer Karl Benz (Mercedes Benz) is credited with the first car, Henry Ford developed a more practical car and put it into mass production.  And it was well received.  He blended the design of a horse drawn buckboard from the old west with four bicycle wheels and mass production of the 1889 Ford Quadricycle began. The automobile era was underway.  The engine was installed behind the seat and the car was steered by moving a lever left or right.  The two cylinder engine powered by ethanol reached a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

The plan package includes 11″ x 17″ pages with dozens of photographs and drawings and all car patterns are full size.  Make photocopies of the pages, trim out the patterns, use a spray adhesive and attach to wood prepared to an indicated thickness, and cut.  A criss-cross quilting appearance can be added to the bench seat.  Bike style wheel construction is explained in detail.  Although a lathe would be helpful, the whole project can be made without a lathe.  If desired,  features can be added or simplify the project.  Only basic shop tools are needed.  A parts list is included.  For intermediate to advanced woodworkers.  Not for children’s play but to use as a display piece.  We have been selling woodworking plans worldwide since 1971.  Fast shipping.