• A woodworking plan, nearly all plans full size
  • Colorful hardwoods give the appearance of a painted horse
  • Add ribbons for a carousel look. Purple Heart and Padauk used with Walnut and White Ash
  • The finished horse serves well as a prop for photographs

Carousel Horse Woodworking Plan


Product Description

The Carouse Horse Woodworking plan was our first of three carousel style horses.  It is a national sales leader.  Like on the grand carousels of the 1800s.  And the charming merry-go-round appearacne is achieved without any carving.  A band saw, router and lathe are the primary tools needed. A distinctive addition for collectors, decorators, and portrait photographers.  Colors shown are derived from only four woods, walnut, ash, purple heart and padauk.  It’s popular as a display piece at home or business and serves as a nice prop for photographers.