• Circus Train woodworking plan with animals
  • Animals that go with the Circus Train woodworking plan
  • Engine and coal car woodworking plan Circus Train
  • Woodworking plan for the Calliope Car section of a Circus Train
  • Circus Train lion car woodworkilng plan
  • Giraffe car and monkey with a circus train car woodworking plan
  • Cabose to the Circus Train woodworking plan
  • Full size patterns for making a Circus Train in wood
  • Assorted hardwoods add to the fun look of the train and animals
  • Full view of the Circus Train woodworking plan

Circus Train Woodworking Plan


Product Description

A top selling woodworking plan and woodworking contest winner.  A whimsical design inspired by the Barnum and Bailey/Ringling Bros. traveling circuses near 1900.  And like the circus train in the movies “Dumbo” and “The Greatest Show On Earth”. Six cars are packed with ornamental trim.  A small music box can be added so you can wind the Calliope clown and he’ll revolve as the theme from the movie “Carousel” plays.  There are 7 circus animals including a tiger and zebra made from laminated contrasting woods or use Zebra hardwood.  Some lathe work is required.  For intermediate woodworkers.  Cars average 7″ high x 5″ wide, All cars, 58″ long.   Our 11″ x 17″ plans take little workbench space.  The copyrights allow making a photocopy of the full size patterns.   Trim out the patterns, apply spray adhesive on the backs and place on stock prepared to the thickness noted on the pattern.  You get accurate parts and no tracing .  We mail fast, usually within one business day.