This plan is one of our three best sellers.  Thousands of plans sold world wide.  The plan for this train is inspired by the grand locomotives of the 1870’s shortly after the East met the West at Promontory, Utah.  Four hardwoods are suggested to produce the multi-colored effect.  White ash, black walnut, purple heart and padauk are available at hardwood dealers or by mail order.  Tiny brass brads ring the front of the boiler for rivet accents.  The detailed, step by step text takes you from the engine and tender car to the passenger car and display base which is adorned with real rocks.  Add lights in the four walkway lamps and in the coach car and engine cab.  Small red, yellow and green LEDs can be placed in the semaphore signal.  An electronic sound module, available on the internet, creates authentic train sounds.  An ambitious project for a major showpiece.  Full size patterns.  Some lathe work required.  48″ long x 10″ high, Engine 17″ long, 6 1/2″ high.  A customers Iron Horse Train made from our plan is on display at the Carlsbad, California craftsman museum.  The likeness of the train was featured in a national Nexium commercial.  For Intermediate to advanced woodworkers.  Our 11″ x 17″ plans take little workbench space. The copyrights allow making a photocopy of the full size patterns. Trim out the patterns, apply spray adhesive on the backs and place on stock prepared to the thickness noted on the pattern. You get accurate parts and no tracing. We mail fast, usually within one business day.  See also, the second YouTube below.  It is one of several a woodworker in Australia has produced showing his work on the project. A woodworking plan classic. And like the Jupiter at the Golden Spike site.

Below is the first in a series of YouTube videos produced by one of our customers who is building the Iron Horse Train. Other segments follow.