• Moving features on the bear, patterns are full size

Log Cabin Doll House plan (patterns) for the building and for dolls or wood bears. It’s a reduced version of the Bear Family Lodge


Product Description

Log Cabin Doll house plans (miniature house).  Includes wood bear family or purchase 6″ dolls separately.

Size: 21 1/2″ wide, 17 1/2″ high, 19″ deep

After a big success with our Bear Family Lodge (see elsewhere in this site), including impressive sales, attention in a national craft magazine, Facebook and other sites, we developed a more basic log cabin.  Make the walls from 3/4″ diameter logs that interlock like Lincoln Logs.  The furniture is made from wood dowels for a rustic, log furniture look.  Build the four bear family from wood.  They have moveable arms, legs and heads.  Or, acquire 6″ size dolls from toy stores or the internet.  A carrying handle makes moving the cabin around easily.  It only weighs 12 pounds.  The cabin includes a spacious loft, with easy access from the wide, roof opening.  A delightful fireplace has logs and andirons.  Even Uncle Fred serves as their bear rug.  Either build the nine piece furniture set or obtain furniture of your own.  Furniture patterns are all  full size.  Just cut dowels to match the full size furniture patterns.  Two Adirondack chairs on the porch are comfortable seating for mama and papa bear.  The furniture set also includes a standard bed, a bunk bed, a log table with two bench seats, a sofa, and a rocking horse for the twins.  Shutters with green shading add a nice look next to windows.  The cabin door pattern includes a slide latch like mountain cabins.  Interlocking logs are easy to make with an outlined routing jig for cutting notches in the logs for a nice fit.   It is fun to build following the photos, drawings, patterns and text.  The project is nearly all wood with only a few screws and two small hinges needed.  Hang some tiny holiday stockings by the chimney with care and present to a youngster, or miniature collector on Christmas.