• The close back allow the house to be hung on a wall
  • Easy to make furniture for all corners of the house
  • Easy to make with most patterns full size. Pine and plywood shown

Two Room Barbie ® House & Furniture Woodworking Plan


Product Description

A woodworking plans for a simple, two room Barbie House and Barbie size furniture.  A two room house with a deluxe fireplace with logs and andirons, shutters & planter box by the windows (not shown), and a 13 piece furniture set.  Most appealing is the three-mirror dresser.  Acrylic mirrors can be installed for more realism and Safeway.  A handsome Vienna Regulator is patterned after our similar clock plan.  A miniature movement could be fit in the clock.  Most furniture patterns are full size.  Patterns for curtain rods make it easy to add curtains at both windows.  Picture frames of various sizes can be made to display family photos, a picture of the Barbie lover herself or cutouts from a magazine.  A Queen bed includes decorative headboards and a pillow fashioned from wood and an end bench.  The house has a flat back so it can be mounted up on a wall for play space beneath and out of the way of a vacuum.  Make from common 12” pine and ¼” MDF or plywood. Only standard shop tools needed. An easy weekend project.  For novice woodworkers.

Our 11″ x 17″ plans take little workbench space. The copyrights allow making a photocopy of the full size patterns. Trim out the patterns, apply spray adhesive on the backs and place on stock prepared to the thickness noted on the pattern. You get accurate parts and no tracing. We mail fast, usually within one business day.