• Ample detail in this spacious woodworking project
  • Five Bear Family members enjoy a warm fire. A leading woodworking project
  • Front of the bears cabin, the back is open and spacious
  • Moving features on the bear, patterns are full size
  • Numerous features in the Bear Family lodge wood plan
  • Trees, a fence, wood for the fireplace, part of the features in this wood plan package
  • One of many detail features in the lodge woodworking plan
  • A leading woodworking plan package, nearly all patterns full size
  • Ample detail including log stepping stones leading to a log bench
  • Door with a sliding latch, detailed windows and shutters and railings on the Lodge
  • The plan details wood and rockwork, a woodworking plan package
  • Two dormers are at the front of the cabin explained in the full size woodworking plans
  • Trees, moose and a chopping block at the side of the lodge
  • Construction is easy with log walls like Lincoln Logs
  • Baby bear rocks on the wood horse in front of the fireplace
  • Bedroom in the Bear Family Lodge woodworking plan
  • Deer head made from wood veneers , part of the large wood plan set. Full size patterns
  • Bears arms, legs and heads move. Children adore them
  • Many dozens of features in the Bear Family Lodge project
  • Bears checking their family linage. Color pictures come with the plan
  • Pine and birch limbs shown in the furniture
  • Color pages contain detail that can be cut out and added around the cabin
  • Papa, Mama, the twins and baby bear all with working limbs
  • Two magazines featuring the Bear Family Lodge woodworking plan

Bear Family Lodge Woodworking Plan


Product Description

This woodworking plan outlines building a deluxe miniature log cabin with over two dozen rustic furniture pieces and accessories inside and out plus a fun, five member bear family.  Two, full color 11″ x 17″ pages show several views of the cabin, furniture, the bear family and includes printable additions for the cabin including fireplace flames and wall hangings.  The Teddy Bear like figures have movable arms, legs and heads.  The project is nearly all wood with 1″ pine a suggested choice for the cabin with assorted hardwoods recommended for the bears.

There are patterns, many full size, for the bears, two beds, den furnishings, a stove and kitchen set and much more.  Baby bear has a crib, a stool and a rocking horse.  Real rock work is discussed for the fireplace, chimney and stone pillars on the front porch.  Wood logs make up the walls, truss and posts, and other features inside and outside the cabin.  Make a simulated plank floor and cut out a bear rug, and a moose.  Even a miniature layered deer head can be fashioned to hang over the fireplace mantel.  Custom shingle strips make roof work straightforward.  Window and door patterns guide making the triple framework on each window and the doorway.  A sliding cabin latch fits on the door.  A photo of a Salmon can be mounted on a plaque and there is a pattern for a beehive.  A court can be added to the side with pine trees, a buck and rail fence, an axe and chopping block, kindling, a log bench and a sliced log pathway.  The front porch has a porch swing and log bench.  Its a mountain wonderland in wood.  The project is sizable and fairly heavy but can fit through a 29″ doorway.  Boys and girls love the cabin and bears.  It also would be a great showpiece in a cabin, lodge or workplace. 48″ long x 28″ deep x 24″ high.  Father bear is 5 1/2″ high.  For intermediate to advanced woodworkers.  Full size patterns can be copied from the plan’s pages for easy part production.   Trim out the patterns, apply spray adhesive on the backs and place on stock prepared to the thickness noted on the pattern.  Accurate parts and no tracing .  We mail fast, usually within one business day.