• Garden Cart woodworking plan with fruit
  • Garden Cart with fruit display woodworking plan
  • Garden Cart in Redwood and Cedar woodworking plan
  • Garden Cart Woodworking project displayed with metal cans
  • Side view of a finished Garden Cart from a woodworking plan
  • Wood rim joint on the Garden Cart woodworking plan
  • Garden cart woodworking plan joint
  • Garden Cart woodworking plan handle in steering joint
  • Shows a wood dowel securing the Garden Cart lower joint

Garden Cart


Product Description

A woodworking plans for making a Garden Cart, also known as a Goat Cart.  They were handy 150 years ago for moving farm items about.  They carried garden crops across large farms or to market.  Today, surviving antiques are in wide demand and cherished as show pieces in homes, on porches, in garden settings often displaying items like produce; pumpkins, watermelons, flowers plus old milk cans and pine cones during the holidays. This woodworking plan for intermediate to advanced woodworkers is full of pictures, text and drawings for making a Garden Cart.  Build in outdoor woods like Redwood and Cedar or use furniture woods like walnut, cherry and mahogany for a cart to be used for indoor decorating.

A completed cart is 38″ long (not counting the handle), 24″ wide and 24″ high. $24.95