Forest Street Designs introduces a project that ranks in ambition with our best seller’s Victorian Barbie House and Iron Horse Train.  It’s like a stagecoach from a John Wayne movie by John Ford.  Nearly two centuries ago, it was familiar transportation in the old west.  Our wood version can be built with common shop equipment. For intermediate to advanced woodworkers.  An eye catcher for a fireplace mantel, shelf or desk top.  Every pattern for the coach and horses are full size.  Ample drawings, text and photos throughout the plan.  The project is packed with detail.  The stagecoach featured in the photos is nearly all wood, no paint.  Build in colorful domestic and exotic hardwoods.  Many features are detailed in the plan including a driver, a “shotgun” escort. a strongbox, trunks, rifles and more.  Simply make copies of the patterns, trim out each copy and apply to wood cut to the thickness indicated.  The coach is pulled by a team of six horses in three different running formats.  Each horse is made up of only three levels of wood with patterns for the mane and tale.  The railings on top require some soldering skills.  An eye catcher project.

Coach and horses  35” long, 5” deep, 8” high